Friday, June 05, 2009



Damn!!!! Dah dekat setahun tak tulis apa2. Contract wa dah habis. Tengah menggagau carik kerja/project. Nampaknyer kena gali savings le..apa yang ada. Harap2 ada melekat something very soon insyaAllah.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramadhan coming..

Ahh..another Ramadhan month, Alhamdulillah. No golf for at least a month. Tonite; the 1st Tarawikh @ Omak's place. Surau Nuril Iman. Tomorrow, the 1st Sahur of Ramadhan.

This year , kena jimat le sket. Every year cakap kena jimat, but in reality, lagi banyak belanja la!!! Hamlau!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's up???

Man!!! the past few months has been hectic. Gotta a replacement maid. Thank God!!! An adventure by itself. Went to Jakarta to pick the maid myself. I'll probably write about it later.

Went back to work for a large company, even though I have not abandon my business in it's entirety. Currently, managing a group of consultants in an MNC from France. Busy; but at the same time, having lots of fun. Going back to my TELCO roots. Package offered....not bad.

Golf? surprisingly have not been playing as much as I want to. I played last week after a 3 and half week hiatus. Score wise? not bad.

What else? ooo..I've been "advising" a friend on his upcoming "recycling" project...he he he

Monday, March 10, 2008

Malaysian Election.. to move forward

Election dah both sides; kepada yang menang, tahniah; kepada yg kalah; takpa, nanti cuba lagi. to both sides; kepada yang menang, jangan riak, kepada yang kalah, jangan berdendam. To both sides; you have responsibilities to manage and lead the states and country. You have the responsibilities to the rakyat . I do hope both sides cud work together for better Malaysia. Now get going and proof that we ,the rakyat were right in choosing you as the leaders. Yang rakyat2 pun patut nya work together with the "government" yg di pileh for a better Malaysia.

from a "rakyat" yang mengundi

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Arghhhhhh!!!!! gotta a find a new house-keeper

The maid is going back to Indon this Saturday. She's not that good so it don't really matter. What matters now is to find a new house-keeper..and quick!!!!

In another news..Tiger Woods won again in Dubai last week; and he's 2 for 2 this year. Not a surprise considering the form he's in. The Malaysian Golf Association has scrapped their plan to get Woods to play in the Malaysian Open next year. Reason...the asking appearance fee for Woods is US3 Million..YIKES!!!! And The Malaysian Open is only a US3 Million event!!! Ha ha

Friday, February 01, 2008

...and the winner is..not me..but close enough

I did not win the "kengkawan-golf" tourney at Tasik Puteri GCC; but 2nd was close enough; furthermore i won quite some sum of "mullah" from the "incentive" games we had within the flight mates.

In another story; i was suspended from playing "blogshares" ( ;

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Golfer Melayu (#46910)

Current Worth (As of 18:03 30 Jan 2008):
Overall - B$ 11,449,389,134,495.07
Karma - 4,485
Chips - 137,771
Sigma - 5,682


Violation of Section 1, Site & Account Rules, Sub-Section C
Bug and Exploit Discovery

Forget about the violation; but look at my net worth; I'm a trillionaire!!!!!!! ; in the virtual world. Oooh how I wished it was real money man. Will be golfing all around the world. Pebble Beach; St Andrews; etc,etc,etc...ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, January 27, 2008

How's your 2008 golf Golfer Melayu?

I've won two golf tourneys within this week ; first; PERNEC Invitational with a score of 1 under; and the other was the PTGC Monthly Tournament; Medal-A with 3 under. Not bad...Not bad at all. The next tournament would be 1st Feb at Tasik Puteri GCC. I hope I will still be good that day....