Friday, May 11, 2007

Charity Golf???

I was invited to a 'charity' golf in honour of the 60th birthday of one Malaysian Minister.
"How much?" My initial reaction.
"RM 350/person...What's ur handicap? " Organizer
"Ahhh...Tan Sri was looking for a single handicapper to play with him... I can get you to be in one-flight with him...interested?"
"What is Tan Sri's handicap?" Me
"22...usually it will cost "people" RM50,000 to be in the same flight with him; for you special price...RM10,000"
"Huh??! Are you CRAZEEE!!? I'll join the "charity" golf but just put me in some other flight; won't pay that much to play with a 22 handicapper...and the norm is.... the high handicapper would have to pay to play with a single!!! Ahak

1 comment:

Golf Addix said...

aiiii, aku yg golf swing dah memang gemilang terbilang compared to that tan sri pun tak mintak banyak tu nak main golf dgn kau.

come to think of it , bila kita nak main golf nie? sori aku baru balik from perth and flying again next week.... lotih den.