Friday, October 07, 2005

An email from a customer

Early in the morning, I received a nasty e-mail from my customer, Mr HM. I guess sometime the customer needs some excuses for an internal failure??? I was quite pissed and upset with the email, especially when it touches our "circle of concern" , which in a way, is their "circle of influence". Not wanting to sound pissed in an email, I called Mr HM on the phone.

"H, what's this all about??? I'm sure you know that most of the stuff written in the mail is not true....bla,bla,bla,#$$$%,***"
"Golfer Melayu..relax, bro....ok..ok...I'll write another email to straighten things out"
"Ok H"

A few minutes later, H sent another e mail;

"Our conversation just now refers.
Thank you for highlighting your points, we appreciate it and take note. On our part, we will address some of issues that contributed to the delay of problem resolution."

Mr HM, Thanks Bro. My apology if I'm a bit harsh, ....but you got to do what you gotta do, man. This is what I call professionalism. I'll see you for "buka puasa" next week.

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