Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My thoughts....

We were shorlisted for the Indonesian job. There will be a briefing session at the prospect office to the two shortlisted vendors on the 10th of October. The Proof Of Concept is schedule to go life by October 24th, for a week. I hate travelling during "Ramadhan", ....but it looks like I've got to do quite a bit of that this year.

We will be doing two "buka puasa" for our customers. One will be on the 11th of October, the other will probably be on the 18th of October. Again, I don't really fancy doing the "buka puasa" at a hotel/restaurant. It just feels good to do it at home, might not be home-cooking though,...with the family, and then going to the mosque together for Isya' and Terawikh. Anyway, still gotta do the 'buka puasa" thinggy. The list of the "buka puasa" places, to be chosen from....

1) Mandarin Oriental Hotel
2) Nikko Hotel
3) Crown Princess Hotel
4) Restoran Seri Melayu
5) Corus Hotel
6) Prince Hotel (opposite Seri Melayu)
7) Hotel Maya (Jln Ampang - opposite BSN)
8) Saloma Bistro
9) Rennaisance/New World Hotel
10) EDEN Restaurant (Jln Raja Chulan-new building behind Seri Melayu)
11) KL Convention Centre

I think I'll go for KL Convention Centre and EDEN.

Kak Pidah... did a marvelous job answering the MPs on the AP issues. I guess the other MPs, especially the one that comes from the government la, can only talk behind her back, or "boo-ed" the lady while she's giving her speech....given the chance to drill her in parliment, everybody became tight-lipped. Kah,kah,kah. The lady really knows her economics and facts, the rest of the MPs are just like "toads". I wonder what her mentor , which was involved with war of words with her, about the same issue, thought of the other MPs. Hmmmm....

Michelle Wie .... teenage golf prodigy/phenom is set to turn professional this 16!!!! with endorsement deals with NIKE and SONY worth US$ 10 million per year!!!!! wooii yooo.

Golfer Melayu......No endorsement, no to buy everything using mah own pocket monay!!!!! but next month, at PTGC.... 21st Nov to 24st Nov, a 4 day tournament, 72 holes stroke-play, cut-off on the 2nd day, after 36-holes play .... Malaysian Amateur Closed 2005 ... handicap 12 and under... will join.

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