Friday, April 29, 2005

I"ll be playing with a real "buaya" today

Alamak, just gotta message from a "kaki" of mine that I'll be playing with a "playar" today. His name is YLF. Current champ of KRP. Small, very skillful and most probably will "sembelih" all of us today. Playing to a handicap of 12...but I know he should be playing to a handicap of 6. Will try to get as many strokes as possible from him today.

Possible scenario " Yo YLF! six-six bole ka?"
"WHAT?!!! no lah golfer melayu, cannot la, I'll play scratch with you and I'll buy you "shark fin soup" later,.... Anyway, I've already ordered the dish, coz I know I'll collect a lot from all of you la, my "chicken2", he,he,he....

Arghhh... to be continued. I'll update the conclusion of today's game tomorrow

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Solving my maid's problem

Frustrated with Kak Za, I've decided to do the maid permit myself. Apparently, it's not that difficult. Just go to the imigration dept, get the form and fill in all the necessary. Of course, with me, always lazy to work through the normal channel, I went through a channel which allow me to bypass the queue system to get my application form in. After going through the application form, I missed a part where I need to "matikan" this stamp from LHDN. "Golfer Melayu, you got to do this either at the LHDN Jalan Duta, or Jalan Kg Attap, aisay, RM10 only".
"OK, no prob, I'll do it tomorrow". After my morning meeting with a customer, went directly to LHDN, Jalan Kg Attap, fill in another form, and since I do not have a channel to allow me to bypass the queue system at this place, pick up a number, and YIKES!!!!!!!, no. 1245, and currently no:1990. After 20 minutes, the number moved to 1993. Disgusted, I left the place, with all the four letter words I could mutter. Will try again tomorrow, real early in the morning......or, maybe I'll just get my wife to do it..he,he,he

Morale of the Story: "It SUCKS to follow the system" I should have been a politician....

Monday, April 25, 2005

From George Contanza..... Posted by Hello

Yahoo, lepas dah lama main golf, akhirnye dapat gak aku hole in one,kat Peransang Templer, hole no.13, pakai wilson smartcore punyer bola, 6-iron Cleveland TA-7 tour, 153 meter, 30/3/04. YESSSSSS....My hole-in-one cert from my club. Won quite a bit from Mr ASH that day. WHAT A FEEELING!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

GOLF, a game I can't understand

All of a sudden, in the middle of a game, I don't seem to be able to swing correctly. Just a few hours ago, I shot 39 on the first nine, and yet I"m struggling to even get a par on the second nine. My stance seems OK, weight distribution, OK, Back swing, OK, follow through,OK, ball strike....SUCKS. In the end, I shot 45 on the second nine. That's twelve over. Yup, still below my handicap of 14, but I could easily shot 6 over 18 if I could be more consistent..NEXT TIME

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've been visiting Jakarta almost every other week since January of this year. My view of Jakarta... " the city has a lot of soul, Bro". If you happen to be there, one of the best place to have dinner would be in Balle Air. Tempat dia a bit like Mont Kiara le. One time, I ordered a lamb-chop. The guy said "Kosong Pak", I said, "No, with mint sauce pls" ..."Kosong Pak, Kosonggggg!!!!" "Kosong" means sudah habis la.

KL Jam, Jakarta 10 kali ganda lagi "macet". There was a time that it took me two and a half hour to reach a place that is only 14KM....ARGHHHHH

Everything's cheap there, especially DVDs. Head over to Kuningan, go to Ambasador. Local DVDs goes for Rp6000/each ,about RM2.70, buy 10 DVDs, get one free. The imported DVDs cost Rp 12,000. " Import dari mana ni, Pak?" I asked. "Malaysia"...
"Tak da Polisi untuk tangkap penjual pirate DVD".."Tidak, disini amannnn, Pak"

A few golf courses that should not be missed while you're there....Bogor raya ( Caddie dia makeup cam nak gi Disco, rambut semua re-bonding, club house ala KLGCC), Gunung Guilis (very scenic, a bit like Datai Bay, Langkawi) and Cengkareng (near airport, kalu balik petang, pagi mainle kat sini, cadie pun pakai mini-skirt, ahak). One golf course that you should not play, Senayan , smack in the middle of the city, fairway cam rough, green macam fairway, walking course plak tu, cadie dia jantan le...he, he

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The danger of wearing low cut pants

As soon as I arrived at the Langkawi airport, I anxiously waited for my golf-bag at the baggage carousel. "Golfer Melayu, look at that lady" wife whispered slowly at me. As I turned my head slowly, I saw this lady, wearing a low cut jeans, low...that "YIKES, PUBIC HAIR were sticking out from the upper part of the LOW CUT JEANS!@!!??? UGGGLYYY...

Morale of the story; Please, please and double pleazeeee!!! SHAVE IT IF YOU WANNA FLAUNT IT!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Remember Dato Y? The Kingmaker of Sarawak

I was on the flight to Langkawi last Thursday to compete in the 5th Langkawi Masters 2005. While shifting through the STAR newspaper, an article on Nation section, page 10, caught my eye.

"A businessman from Sarawak told a Session Court here that a company director beat him up and accused him of cheating" "Earlier, he pleaded not guilty for duping the company director into believing that he could get several projects offered by the Sarawak Government this year" "..hand over a sum of RM34,375 to him at the Planet Hollywood.."
"....if found guilty, can be jailed up to 10 years as well as whipped..."

Aik, cam very familiar aje kes ni.... Baca punyer baca, sah le mamat yang kena pukui ni si Dato Y... Takda Dato pun, tu pun kelentong jugak. Dato Y, Padan Muka lu...

The Melaleuca suite...tempat gua duduk...kalo no money gi main jauh-jauh US490++ a night...Gua ok, house guest , pasai ada contact bagus punyer Posted by Hello

Vanity, kat luar tu, outdoor bathtub and shower Posted by Hello

lepaking Posted by Hello

In front of the beach villa....overlooking the andaman sea Posted by Hello

Rhu Bar, tengah nak relax.... Posted by Hello

Greeting Pavilion at Four-Season, Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi Posted by Hello

Sunset at Four-Seasons  Posted by Hello

That's me at the New Four-Seasons Tanjung Rhu in Langkawi.... very romantic, very the "vast" resort Posted by Hello