Friday, September 23, 2005

I am still in a MEETING!!!!!!!

Meeting started at 9:30am today. Now, its 8.20pm and we're still at it. Strategic meeting ...... must it be this loooooong. Am getting really tired. My brain is burning. Probably it will end by 10pm...I hope. At least I know I'll be relaxing at Genting tomorrow. No golf this weekend. Need some time with the family. Everything's is set. Common my friends...let's us finished this meeting quick. The real issue will be about numbers. .....Anyway I know damn well we need to resolve all the discussion points ...TODAY. ARGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

The eldest and youngest cousins in the family...rambut serupa l Posted by Picasa

AJ, mana lu..part 2

Aku tanya Miss F pasal satu proposal yang tak siap-siap sampai sekarang ni. Aku tau dia kena gi borak ngan AJ to finalize the proposal.

"ko dah call AJ ke belum?"
"Can't reach the guy la, send him SMS, never answer, I pun nak habiskan proposal ni cepat-cepat" Miss F
" Be persistent la , I never had a problem calling the takkan since last week tak dapat contact"
" Dia cakap dia cuti la" Miss F.
"I'll call him depan ko, I'm sure he'll answer my call"

Gua pun call AJ. Depan-depan Miss F, just to make a point. After a few seconds, AJ picks up the call.

"Hellooo AJ, how are you Bro? How's everything? Anyway, Miss F has been looking for you high and low la...mana u pegi?"
"Aiyoo Golfer Melayu....I'm in Mekah la, doing my umrah, be back at the office this Thursday"
"Oppps...sorry Bro...didn't know...I'll see you later...Assalamu'alaikum"

So, am I going to see a different AJ? Only time will tell. He he....

In the Business Times today...

MAS Chairman aims to spring a surprise... Wow!!! Interesting. Let's see what he wants to do.

1) Slash costs
- cut fuel cost by 10% (hmmm...unless you cut down the routes this might not be possible Sir...Have you seen the cost of fuel lately?)
- implement a programme that could save up to a third of procurement cost ( possible, Don't buy "original parts" lor... You go buy some so-call certified Taiwan or China-made spare parts. Sure cheap one... I"m REALLY getting worried to take MAS flight now.

2) Improve revenue
- another RM200 million over 12 to 18 months. How? ...not very clear la...

There was also a Q&A article between MAS Chairman with Business Times. A few comments that he made in the article, made me raised my eyebrows

when asked about his new MD...
"...he's an oil man, therefore he can manage the fuel cost and so on. That one, I'm not too sure whether we'll get a discount from Shell....I do not know at this point" ( he must be expecting the 10% cut in fuel cost from this...)

"He plays the guitar; for someone who likes Eric Clapton, can't go wrong with him" (Yikess...what a reason..)

something about the plan in improving the revenue

"....But revenue is not profit" (True...) "

In summary....nothing creative in trying to turn-around the airline performance. Same old management mantras and philosophies. Yawn...ho,hum...I wanna go to sleep.

Reached another milestone in my golf..

Saturday was hectic. Gotta help my mum in the morning, for the "kenduri tahlil" gathering that night. Arranging the house needs strong arms, legs and back. Usually family gatherings will end late,... very late at night. At 3pm , gotta go to another "kenduri tahlil" at my uncle's house. I was not even planning of joining the PTGC club monthly medal on Sunday....but in the middle of doing the sitting arrangement, I felt the urge of calling the club, asking whether there are still avalaible place to join the competition.

"Who's there? ...Golfer Melayu, just drop by, man!!! I'll make sure your name will be there.." PTGC sports center.

The Kenduri ended at 11pm. Went home at about 1am. Have problem to sleep. Whatever I try, I just can't sleep that night. Can't do nothing with the wife flag. When I finally dozed off it must have been around 5am.

6am, woke up. Took a shower. Sembahyang subuh. Cooked my own breakfast. In the meantime, the head feels like "I can fly". Headed over to the club. Registered.
Tournament starts at 8am. I started from the 10th tee-box. Gotta bogie on first hole. Rain started to drizzle at the end of that hole. On the 2nd hole, rain came pouring down. The siren blows. Stop play for half and hour. After play resumed, I got another bogie...on a par 5. Doesn't seems to be my day.

"Screw it...I'm here to enjoy my golf game"

Then the par started to come. Par, after par, after par...mix with a birdie. I scored 39 gross, front nine..."Hey, not bad!!!!"

2nd Nine...started well...scored 39, back nine. Came back with a 78. At last, I broke 80 in a competition!!!!!! Got 2nd in the medal A category. The prize..a cheap-looking trophy with RM210 Jaya Jusco voucers. The wife loves the voucers. I like the fact that I broke 80 in a competition, eventhough I hate the alcheapo looking trophy. can't win them all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells...........
who cares!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Something to ponder .... Warning : some serious sh#&%

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me about my view on the new CEO and MD appointment in Malaysian Airline System. Let's look into the matter a bit. Malaysian Airline System, or fondly known as MAS, a Government-link company, the 1st airline company of Malaysia, has been at the losing end lately, to be exact, RM280 Million in their 1st financial quarter. That translate to about RM 90 million a month. Phew!! The previous MD quit after sitting in the office for less than a year.
Then, there was this big BRU-HA-HA about their largest investment arm, in this case, Khazanah (another government owned investment company) who intended to lure big foreign names in the airline industries into MAS, in order to turn it around. The idea was quickly critized by the so called nationalistic and patriotic politicians. "Hellooo!!!, we should be able to find suitable candidates for the job, locally!!!!" That idea was quickly flushed into the toilet and thrown out of the window.

They found the candidate allright. A local guy which previously held a management position in an international Oil and Gas company. Hmmmm???? Do I think he can turn the company around? Dunno. Coz if you asked anybody that's been in a management position they will probably say that they could do the job better. I really wish him luck. He needs it.

I believe he will follow the basic management principle.
Management principles 101, when going into financially troubled company
1) Quickly find ways to cut cost
2) Find areas where it can be run in a more efficient manner
3) Find ways to increase market share
4) Get good people to be around you .... hint.... your buddies

1,2 and 4 are easy. Concentrate on areas where it's in your "circle of influence". 3 is the tricky part. The person needs to understand the industry. He needs to have the creativity, the "think out-of-the box" mentality, as the leader, to come up with vision and various ideas to move the company to a new height. And that's probably the reason why I felt that the initial idea of getting a big-gun of industry-specific foreigner to head MAS is the right thing to do. I am not un-patriotic or un-nasionalistic. It's just about getting the right person to do the job. Before handing the CONTRACTUAL job to the foreigner, proper KPI needs to be agreed between the employer and employee. A local should shadow the guy, so as , there'll be business acumen and creativity transfer.

But again maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's just bad karma to be the pioneer of anything in Malaysia. Just look at the pioneer Malaysian airline and auto company. Both are not in healthy financial position. And yet, another BUDGET Malaysian airline company and another Malaysian AUTO company has been raking in the profit. Both are lead by locals. So, What gives???

Friday, September 09, 2005

Checking and Paying Car Summons Online

Yesterday, I received a link purportedly will enable anybody in Malaysia to check and pay their car summons online.

I have my doubts. First, the URL doesn't sound serious. What kinda name is Sounded more like a crapy lifestyle portal to me. Maybe I missed the news about this site. Anyway, I gave it a try. Looks legitimate. Simple, clean and direct to the point. Queried the summons using my IC Number. I'm not that worried coz my driving is good. he,he. Waited for a few seconds...... and.... 7 summon tickets ooooo...All for speeding. #&%%. That's RM300 x 7 = RM2,100.00. Discounted 50% = Rm 1,050.00. Still a huge amount for me. Enough to buy a new driver. But, hey, the site has this facility to pay online. From RM300, reduced to RM70. Sounds good...but......... there's JUST NO WAY I'm paying online to a site that call themselves "rilek"

ARGGHHHHH!!!!!! Just my luck. Gotta go to the POOOLIZEE station and make my payment on-site.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Oii yooo....Kuatnyer budak ni...tidur kat katil berpaku..Ouch!!!! Posted by Picasa

Bakal jadi Kelasi kapal..... Posted by Picasa

Golf etiquette 101

Yesterday, Sunday......My usual golf time with my golf buddies, handicap 9, 10,10 and 14., at the Club. At the tee-box of the first hole, ZAB, a golfer that used to be a single handicaper, now a ten, gets ready to hit his first drive. You see, in golf, the lowest handicap player will always gets the honour to hit first and ZAB has always been the lowest handicap player in the group.

"Ehem, ehem...." cleared my throat. Not a very ethical act in golf. Gotta be quiet while the other player gets ready to hit the ball.
" Oiii, diam le sikit, aku nak pukul ni"
" Aisay, bukannyer lowest handicap player ke yang pukul dulu?" Tanya aku.
" Ko sepuluh kan, sama ngan aku, tapi aku dah lama jadi single, so aku pukul dulu lah" Jawab ZAB.
" Aku sembilan la....."

After that ZAB's game became haywired. Menjadi gak "Psyco" gua. he,he

Friday, September 02, 2005 a mail from MGA online

Dear Golfer Melayu(NHS No: 221916)

We are pleased to inform you that your official NHS index as at
1st September 2005 is: -

Previous NHS index: 8.5
Current NHS index: 7.9

Your calculated handicap for your primary club: PERANGSANG
TEMPLER GOLF CLUB - (SEL) is as follows:-


You can always check your latest NHS scores and your buddies
scores at

Ahh, at last I'm a single handicap playar...ha,ha,ha... Sekarang bila masuk tournament cuma harap bole menang on gross aje la nampaknyer...hmmmmm

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A trip to Aquaria, KLCC

Cuti-cuti Merdeka, gua rasa baik bawak family berjalan-jalan . Takkan asyik nak main golf ajer. So, pikir punye pikir, aku pun terasa nak bawak family ke Aquaria, KLCC, the latest and trendiest KL showcase...depa kata la. 31st August is the last day of the promotional admission price. RM20 adults, Rm10- kids above 3....pas tu RM38 adults, kid RM26....Ouch!!!

Since hari tu hari merdeka, gua cakap to the family, "jom pergi cepat, nanti petang ramai orang la, pagi-pagi ni dia orang still tido lepas tengok bunga-api and berpartay malam tadi"
Pukul 10.30am, gua suda bertolak dari rumah. 10.50am dah sampai. Gua park kat tempat biasa ajer. Naik escalator, turn left at "Tower Records", ikut the terowong to KL Convention Centre. Macam ramai je orang. Tiba-tiba the walkway became a queue.

"Ni jauh lagi ni...dah kena queue, cam na ni???"

Aku gi tanya mamat Aquaria yang tengah sibuk mengontrol queue . Dia kata, orang dah start queing dari pukul 7.30am lagi. "Aik, pagi nyer!!!!"

"From here, agak-agak berapa lama nak masuk Aquaria?"
" 2 Jam setengah"

Argh!!!!! Sudah. Kenala tukar plan...tak kan nak berdiri kat situ selama 2 jam setengah....pergi Petrosains ajer la nampaknyer.