Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Scores of my previous 6 golf sessions...

Bukit Unggul GCC : 80 ; Kajang Hill GCC : 90 ; Perangsang Templer GC : 81 ; Saujana Impian GCC: 80 , Bangi Golf Resort : 82, and Perangsang Templer: 79.

Average Score : 82.0 ; +0.0; above my current Handicap of 10...Not Bad, but could be better..

....But this swing looks BETTER!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wui yooo!!! What a swing Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wanna be a psychic....

Try it out, you'll be amazed;

A Sign of Stress???

In my Inbox today;
Since the session 2 of the COTS and solutions validation does not have the qourom of some critical members past wednesday at 0915 as scheduled, nor at 1030 as deferred, it did not happen.
We understand that some critical members may need to reprioritize their time due to the major projects coming onboard. I am sincere in saying I was NOT frustrated nor sore at any individual, though I was irritated with the fact that the critical members required for quorum are just too difficult to be scheduled together.

Therefore, I suggest that D pls call for the session 2 at a time of your convenience. We shall ensure our attendance where practical and inform you otherwise if not.

Now for a more difficult topic,
please clarify if Application Consultants are required to conduct all product demonstrations everytime.
My "preference is for App Consultants to conduct product demonstrations only for prototyping stage, or technical demonstrations, and sales people should eventually be fully capable and conduct standard off the shelf product presentations, with app consultants in attendance wherever required.

D's idea is for app consultants conduct All product demos becoz the so called techies are more familiar of the system since they hav opportunities to play with them whereas sales people have other concerns.

I disagree with this specific observation becoz it does not look like our sales have the capacity to focus on product sales in the near term. In such a situation, the techies will practically only play with the system(s) once to twice a year, or once in two years, as per our experience with "XX", "XY" and "XYZ". This effectively levels the playing ground and makes no difference whether it is a sales person or app consultant conducting standard product demonstrations.

However, as brought up in my many discussions, leading up to one grandmother of all discussions with D on 05 April and minuted online, should our sales direction, or a portion of our sales team, is to focus on product, or solutions with specific products, going forward, this will be more practical. Having said this, if the sales person is focusing on a range of products, or specific solutions with specific products, the sales person should be fully capable of demonstrating it out of box since it is their ricebowl.

If it is an issue of personalities instead of roles, like ZZ, in my opinion, rightly pointed out, lets develop the people and acquire the required proficiency.

i m not afraid of learning new skills everyweek and taking on additional roles, including as proposed to Daniel several times, taking on sales role fulltime; if i hav been (which i believe i hav) such a pain to and energy sapping for D running the app consulting group the way i do(not).
J has demonstrated the willingness to structure the skills required and map out development paths so we can develop people;
NN has always played multiple roles and continues to do so without complain;
OB has rightly identified one area of ELP is presentation skills and asked me to prepare and deliver presentation training as part of biz english, while he develops the rest;
p.n has volunteered to put up and administer metadot intranet portal so our body of knowledge and organizational intelligence can be preserved and mined;
SLS has been supporting us technically and volunteered to undertake ST training though it is not in his domain going forward (and knowing full well, once trained he will be involved happy or not)
in short we are all enthusiastic, we have all demonstrated our willingness to and continueto go the extra mile

my challenge to all of us senior execs, are we prepared to walk the walk, after all our save the world co mission hubris and what not. or like J wrote in one email, sometimes it feels like father crabs trying to teach our children (staff and clients) how to walk straight.

if we continue to believe that some of the people we are hiring going forward, eg. for sales, may be incapable of learning up and acquiring the proficiency to conduct an off the shelf standard product demo, i think all the things we are doing are for nought, becoz, they probably will be too thick to learn how to use our intranet portal and download the standard templates to prepare proposals.

somewhere in this pessimism, i have high hopes for the company and our team. partly becoz i turned down a job offer early this year which pays me in six months what the company pays me in three years (and i continue to kick myself in the backside for it). These offers happen, as i am sure to many of us, when we are often with high profile work like audit and consulting for big name clients. I strongly believing there is much more potential, fun, excitement, learning and future in the company. please do not burst my bubble by reducing this into a mere 10-8 job. especially when the personalities mentioned above hav all stepped up to the challenge after D's morale boosting presentation early in the year.

Father Crab, time to lead the walk.

-baby crab "

Chill Baby Crab, chill......He,he

Friday, April 21, 2006

Saujana Impian. Voted to be THE course with the best green in Malaysia. The green's lightning fast, but soft enough to bite...roll is very true. Played there today. Started from the back-nine. Drove the first hole, a short par-4 with a 3-wood, smack down in the middle of the fairway. Hit my iron on to the green. two-putted. Par. The next two holes was quite a nightmare. On the 2nd par 4 hole, my drive veered off to the right. 2nd shot, hit a tree branch, then pitch to the apron of the green. Stupid chip and the 2-putted for a double boggie. 3 rd hole, a nice-over-the-water par 3. Hit my ball with a 5-iron over the green into a bunker....deeep in the sand....yuckie...another double boggie. 4 -over after 3 holes. Bad start. Then 3 pars in a row. A boggie on a par five. Par and a birdie on the last hole of the front-nine(back-nine of the course). Scored 40. Hey,hey,hey...not bad.

2-nd Nine. Boggie, Boggie, Par, Par,Par, Double-Boggie, Par,Par. 4 over after 8 holes. On the last hole, my drive went into a fairway bunker, 145 meters from the hole. I need a par to play 80, or a birdie to play 79. That's when I hit the best shot of the round. Hit my 6-iron, solid, from the fairway bunker, into the green. Two-putted for a par. Ahhhhhh....What a feeling. a good round, 80, 8-over, 2-under my HC of 10. Yee Haa!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Business is goooooddddd..... ASTRO Masters 2006

Zowie!!!!! the company is waiting for 3 letter of award this week... big ones. Now, we will have a different kind of headache. The kind that I like...resource scheduling, project management, implementation, bla, bla, bla. With that , the hopes of getting our "bonus" this month looks pretty gooodd.

On the bright side, I will have the "ease of mind" to enter this year ASTRO's Masters. Booked three dates, at three different courses; Templer Park, Palm Garden and Kota Kemuning, in which ASTRO "guaranteed" two tournaments to paid-entry form. My wife seems to be exited to know that I'm participating. He,he....she must be thinking that I would have a chance to get a placing in these tourney...pressure la cam ni.......macam bole menang aje...cheesh..

I hate playing with the higher handicappers when...

my game is off, as of today. Played @ Kajang Hill, with 3 of my buddies. First, gotta give 4 -4 to one guy, the other two 2-2. My game was playing havoc. Not that I played that bad, but these "damn" so-called high-handicappers were playing a game that's not supposed to be their game, all three of them at the same time. In the end... I lost...BIG TIMEEEEE.

Hello brothers, next time kita main scratch la, lu nak stroke kalu, lu cari orang lain la..ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Highlander Golf Invitational 2006; April 15 2006

MMC, or previously known as TTC, a subsidiary of the largest Malaysian TELCO, held their annual golf event last Saturday @ Bukit Unggul. And as one of the MMC vendors, I need to sponsor the event, man!!!!. The Company splashed in a few thousand ringgit gak to the event, but it's ok.
2 days before the event , tested the course, just to familiarize myself with the green, etc. Scored decent, won big..menang keliling, partnership and individual. Cukup duit untuk pergi berurut...ahak.

120 golfers participated in the event, broken into 3 categories, the Highlanders (hadiah2 yg best le), vendors ( hadiah decent) and guest (hadiah hampeh). Event started at around 8.15am, weather was great for golf, my group started at the 3-rd hole, 1st nine, (shotgun start). Boggied the 1-st hole, sucks coz it's a par-five. At the end, my game did came together. Scored an 81, 40 on the 1st nine, 41 the 2-nd nine. 39 points ( the organizer declared me with a handicap of 12 which I "gracefully" accepted without an inch of complain,... tak pa la kot, atas dua aje compared to my current HC of 10). 2nd placing for the vendor categories, and NTP on one of the par three. All in all , not a bad outing..dapat la a new home-theatre system and a pitch-n-chip practise net, on top of the goodies.