Friday, April 29, 2005

I"ll be playing with a real "buaya" today

Alamak, just gotta message from a "kaki" of mine that I'll be playing with a "playar" today. His name is YLF. Current champ of KRP. Small, very skillful and most probably will "sembelih" all of us today. Playing to a handicap of 12...but I know he should be playing to a handicap of 6. Will try to get as many strokes as possible from him today.

Possible scenario " Yo YLF! six-six bole ka?"
"WHAT?!!! no lah golfer melayu, cannot la, I'll play scratch with you and I'll buy you "shark fin soup" later,.... Anyway, I've already ordered the dish, coz I know I'll collect a lot from all of you la, my "chicken2", he,he,he....

Arghhh... to be continued. I'll update the conclusion of today's game tomorrow

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