Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Solving my maid's problem

Frustrated with Kak Za, I've decided to do the maid permit myself. Apparently, it's not that difficult. Just go to the imigration dept, get the form and fill in all the necessary. Of course, with me, always lazy to work through the normal channel, I went through a channel which allow me to bypass the queue system to get my application form in. After going through the application form, I missed a part where I need to "matikan" this stamp from LHDN. "Golfer Melayu, you got to do this either at the LHDN Jalan Duta, or Jalan Kg Attap, aisay, RM10 only".
"OK, no prob, I'll do it tomorrow". After my morning meeting with a customer, went directly to LHDN, Jalan Kg Attap, fill in another form, and since I do not have a channel to allow me to bypass the queue system at this place, pick up a number, and YIKES!!!!!!!, no. 1245, and currently no:1990. After 20 minutes, the number moved to 1993. Disgusted, I left the place, with all the four letter words I could mutter. Will try again tomorrow, real early in the morning......or, maybe I'll just get my wife to do it..he,he,he

Morale of the Story: "It SUCKS to follow the system" I should have been a politician....

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