Monday, April 18, 2005

Remember Dato Y? The Kingmaker of Sarawak

I was on the flight to Langkawi last Thursday to compete in the 5th Langkawi Masters 2005. While shifting through the STAR newspaper, an article on Nation section, page 10, caught my eye.

"A businessman from Sarawak told a Session Court here that a company director beat him up and accused him of cheating" "Earlier, he pleaded not guilty for duping the company director into believing that he could get several projects offered by the Sarawak Government this year" "..hand over a sum of RM34,375 to him at the Planet Hollywood.."
"....if found guilty, can be jailed up to 10 years as well as whipped..."

Aik, cam very familiar aje kes ni.... Baca punyer baca, sah le mamat yang kena pukui ni si Dato Y... Takda Dato pun, tu pun kelentong jugak. Dato Y, Padan Muka lu...

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