Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've been visiting Jakarta almost every other week since January of this year. My view of Jakarta... " the city has a lot of soul, Bro". If you happen to be there, one of the best place to have dinner would be in Balle Air. Tempat dia a bit like Mont Kiara le. One time, I ordered a lamb-chop. The guy said "Kosong Pak", I said, "No, with mint sauce pls" ..."Kosong Pak, Kosonggggg!!!!" "Kosong" means sudah habis la.

KL Jam, Jakarta 10 kali ganda lagi "macet". There was a time that it took me two and a half hour to reach a place that is only 14KM....ARGHHHHH

Everything's cheap there, especially DVDs. Head over to Kuningan, go to Ambasador. Local DVDs goes for Rp6000/each ,about RM2.70, buy 10 DVDs, get one free. The imported DVDs cost Rp 12,000. " Import dari mana ni, Pak?" I asked. "Malaysia"...
"Tak da Polisi untuk tangkap penjual pirate DVD".."Tidak, disini amannnn, Pak"

A few golf courses that should not be missed while you're there....Bogor raya ( Caddie dia makeup cam nak gi Disco, rambut semua re-bonding, club house ala KLGCC), Gunung Guilis (very scenic, a bit like Datai Bay, Langkawi) and Cengkareng (near airport, kalu balik petang, pagi mainle kat sini, cadie pun pakai mini-skirt, ahak). One golf course that you should not play, Senayan , smack in the middle of the city, fairway cam rough, green macam fairway, walking course plak tu, cadie dia jantan le...he, he

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