Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Alamak, apa nak buat ni!!???

Hari ni gua kena kasi presentation to the largest Telco company in Malaysia. So, instead of the usual Dockers khaki, gua pakai seluar smart hari ni. Baju pun smart,tie jenis smart, kira everything smart le. Presentation to start at 9:30 am, by 9 am I was already there. Smoke a cigarette, and then went into the restroom. Did my small business, and while zipping-up the pants, I heard a small cracking noise. ALAMAK!!!! Zip seluar gua sudah tercerai, dan tak boleh nak repair. Gua sudah pucat. Nak beli yang lain, tak da kedai bukak lagi. Left the restroom slowly, with my notebook as a shield to hide the accident. On the way out, jumpa plak somebody yang gua kenal, kena lak stop jap, salam2, borak2, dengan muka yang very uncomfortable.

"N, I got a problem man. I might not be able to give the presentation, my zipper gave way". " Aiyoyo, golfer melayu, apa mau buat...tak pa, lu tunggu sini, gua pigi cari safety pins, mo man tai, maaa". N came back with the safety pins, and then, I tried my best to use the pins to secure the sensitive area. Gotta do it slowly la, kalo tersilap, mau gua menjerit kat dalam restroom tu, kes naya nanti...

Anyway, I still did the presentation with the most uncomfortable feeling in the world.

Morale of the story: lain kali bawak jacket, kalo jadi cam ni, just put on the jacket , buttons down and nobody will hope

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