Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Alumni Golf Tournament

Aku ni selalu gak masuk pertandingan golf. Salah satu yang gua jarang miss is the golf tournament organized by the School Alumni. This year dah 3 kali gua masuk, first, kat Peransang, 41 points, 2nd placing, medal a, 2nd kat Tasik Puteri, 37 points, medal a, top 5 gak la, and last sekali, last Sunday, kat Bangi Golf resort.....

I was in the same flight with an 18-handicapper, but that day he was playing more like a 12-handicapper. At the end of the round, he scored 43 points, and I got 37 point... Cheh, tak dapat gak jadi champion. Tapi tah macam mana, organizer change the format, and the guy goes into medal B, and became the medal B champ.
As for me, jeng jeng jeng, .... dapat gak jadi medal A CHAMPION for that tournament. What a feeling!!!
Looking forward to the Malaysian Venture Capital Assocciation golf tournament, sometime in July. Why? I'm the defending Champion la...

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