Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Employee's Market is making a come back...

"Golfer Melayu, gua cuba releasekan payment lu before khamis ni, ok? check tu boss gua dah sign" K, from an IT outsourcing company yang gua pun pernah kerja kat situ.
"Thank you K, about time pun, betul tak?"
" Last day gua pun Khamis ni, pas tu gua masuk an MSC company kat Cyberjaya"

He is the 3rd person I know that's leaving his current organization to another this month. 1st, En F, from a large training organization, joining a Telco , than Mr R, a young smart chap from the largest IT outsourcing Co, joining a Financial Govenment Co. Office baru dia kat tower sebelah aja.

Gua pun was approached by two other company this month. Both companies offered a good package + incentive + share options. I hope this is a good sign for employee's market. Ramai sangat bebudak IT/Management Consultant yang gua kenal tak da kerja sekarang ni.

As for me, I haven't gave the offers any serious thought. I like the team in my current company. All of us are working hard to ensure the success of the business.
Tapi kalau offer nyer terlampau bagus, gua akan cabut gak..he he

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