Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy Father's day to Abah; Al-Fatihah

Teringat pasal "Father's day" terkenang pasal arwah Abah. Firm, stern , humble and always worried about how his "kids" are doing, eventhough most of us are old enough. He's always concern about how other people look at him. Most of the time I just said
" Buat apa peduli pasal orang lain bah, bila kita susah bukan nya orang-orang tu nak tolong".
I still remember that he would pay my "cukai pintu" or "cukai tanah" first, and he would tell me later. He was really concern when I took a seven-months break from college. He would be really worried whenever I decide to quit my job, which happened quit a few times. And he's really proud about me and my achievements. "Ada duit tak? Be prudent in your spending, you would never know when you need the xtra money" "Jangan tinggal solah" " "I"m worried about your sister" referring to my elder sister, in which the husband has 3 wifes and neglect most of his responsibilities as a husband and dad.
All the while, arwah Abah really cares about arwah "Datuk" and "Ochik Ipah". Arwah Datuk Said memang the only "abah" yang abah kenal, sebab his dad meninggal masa dia berusia 2 tahun. "Ochik Ipah", sister to mum yang "kureng daya akal" memang abah la yang selalu jengok kat rumah orang-orang tua. Adik beradik lelaki omak yang lain hapah tak tengok.
Teringat masa nak ambik my "mum's" orang gaji, 2 weeks before abah gi mekah, dia risau pasal omak, bila dia tak da, sapa nak jaga, remind me to look after omak and along. Make sure everything is okay. Dia kata in term of "financial" insyaallah semua dia dah cover. Rupa-rupa nyer memang abah dah terasa.
Masa hantar abah ke terminal haji, muka dia sayu. I asked bila dia balik, what time,etc...nanti senang nak ambik, abah jawab, tak yah tau la. After some persuasion baru abah citer, rupa-rupa dia dah tau dia tak kan balik. Tapi on the bright side memang itulah yang abah hajati, dia pun pernah citer.

"Happy Father's day" Abah. I love you, and hopefully I can measure up to you as a dad and a husband. Insyaallah, selagi I'm alive, I would not forget about my responsibilties. I'll make sure that omak and along, fina and the kids will be ok. Al Fatihah


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