Thursday, June 16, 2005

We gotta meet....

Today, while giving a speech to one of my "Financial industry" customer, I've got an SMS from the CEO. "Golfer Melayu, we gotta meet, Mr N, referring to the boss of our largest customer, wants to see us today at 5 pm"
Yikes, What's up, DL? Any issues?
"I think we better talk about it, face-to-face. When are you coming back to the office?"
"gimme half and hour"

"What's the story?DL"
"I believe there are some mis-alignment of expectation between Mr N and his people......bla,bla,bla"
"bla,bla,bla, bla....."

Aisay, what it usually means is that I'm gonna have to work my brains out tonite.... but on the bright side, malam ni ada USGA Open Golf Championship. Bole buat kerja sambil tengok Tiger and the gang main golf. What it also meant is that I will probably take more time to finish the work. Ye lah mana nak "memikir" , mana nak tengok TV.

Morale of the story: The golfers in the tournament would probably be having a better time than me tonite!!!! ARGHHHHH

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