Thursday, July 07, 2005

Besok kena pakai batik!!!

Got an sms from our alumnni golf manager, Mr RS, " Pls wear batik during prize giving ceremony". Aiks, sejak bila plak kena pakai batik for golf luncheon. Gua balas balik "r u serious, tak pernah plak gua kena pakai batik for any golf event", dia balas " Dgn Agong tu"

Ahhh, the golf tournament that I've been training for the last two weeks. Inter-Alumni golf championship 2005, organized by Sohaka, will be held at Kota Permai GCC. I was selected to represent the alumni. We were the champ last year. I think I'm ready for it. Been playing quite well lately. But in golf, anything can happen. Hopefully, besok either the team or gua adalah placing. Kalau tidak, sia-sia aje aku pakai batik besok. he he...

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