Wednesday, July 06, 2005

To be an end-user or a vendor; the choice is yours...Choose wisely

Last week was extremely hectic. Was involved in a few brainstorming sessions that lasted up to the wee hours. Primary KPIs, secondary KPIs, objectives, standards, targets. I was seconding a person to do a PM's job at a customer's place. The guy is smart about B2C marketing , but know nuts about Project Management. One thing positive, he's willing to learn and willing to take-up the challenge. Hey, that's good enough for me. I've sent a guy before him that gave up just two weeks after staying at the customer's place. One thing I learned, "Managing expectation of a customer takes a lot of patience".......... Thinking about it more deeply, I felt sorry for the vendors that has to deal with my temper and expectation during my end-user era. Masa dulu-dulu teruk aku kerjakan vendor-vendor yang tak memuaskan hati aku. Tapi tu dulu, sekarang aku plak jadi vendor. Hampeh.

Morale of the story; "What goes around, comes around"

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