Monday, August 15, 2005

PTGC Captain's Trophy and PGA Championship

Did quite well in the PTGC Captain's trophy. Shot an 80, for 2-under par of the handicap. Not bad. No 13 out of 136 participants in Gross Score. Dapatla hadiah yang menyukakan wife gua. Set of "Luxury Comforter" with a matching bedsheet...tanda harga kat situ, RM430. Kira Ok la. The flow of the tournament were tremendously slow. In some holes, there were 3 flights waiting to tee-off. Sucks...Big time. My flight mate, Mr Z Misai was having a real-bad day. He was the "joker" of the day by shooting a 10 at the par 3 no.13.

PGA Championship...Tiger Woods...1st day, no 126, 2nd day, no 64, 3rd day no 20, last day tied for 3rd, just before they stop play due to weather delay. Oii Yooo....Dasat!!!

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