Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Venture Cap....you guys look more like vultures

Let's look into your mid-year company performance review...

1) Invoice amount-Projected : RM X millions
Actual : 85% of RM X millions
Strategy moving forward : gotta think of how to invoice 1.5 times of RM X millions, we are going for IPO , remember...gotta show healthy profit, my man
My answer: Yikes!!!????

2) By 2005, what are the Contracts amount secured?
Target Vs Actual ; x%
My answer : the actual is really the target, ha,ha 100% achievement ....can I have my 25% pay raise now?

3) Target Pipeline
What's the ideal qualified pipeline size?
= 5x 0f RM X million
What are the strategies to get there? What are the resources needed?

My answer: Have to get 2 more quality and good strategy and business consultants and on top of that, can I have more money to spend on branding and marketing???

Venture Cap ; " NO bro, that's a big no, no........ we need to think of the cashflow. OUR business fundamentals and disciplines needs to be adressed. Be prudent. Bla,bla,bla"


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