Friday, August 12, 2005


Hazy...but decided to play golf with two of my golf buddies. PTGC. Started the game quite bad. After only five holes, I was already 11 over, 1 over my handicap of ten. On the next hole, I got a birdie. Then a par. Then a birdie again, followed with an EAGLE... Hey,hey, hey.. I'm back on track. 7 over on the first nine. Not bad considering the lousy start on the first 5 holes.

The second nine was something else. I was really in the zone, man. EIGHT PARS , with a BIRDIE on the finishing hole. 35 on the back nine. 1 under. That was the first time I've ever played a whole nine, scoring 1 under gross. Total of 6 over gross. 9 pars, 3 birdies and 1 eagle. 4 under my HC. 78...Made my day...HAZY MAZY... Oh, and one other thing, won quite a bit today.

YEE HAAA !!!!!!

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